AutoCAD vs AutoCAD LT

We are often asked what the main differences between "full" AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT are?

In summary:

  • AutoCAD LT is 100% compatible with the comparable versions of AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD LT is a lower cost than AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD LT has limited 3D capability

  • AutoCAD LT cannot use the majority of customised application add-ons available for AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD has great 3D and visualisation (rendering) capabilities

  • AutoCAD has an excellent interface for external data.  

  • (Link drawings to databases, spreadsheets etc.)

  • AutoCAD has a programming interface - essential for customisation (Visual LISP and an open API)

While customisation may not seem important initially, as you become more familiar with the software it can quickly become very important.  One small customised routine can literally save hundreds of hours on a project - justifying both the initial cost difference and the cost of the customisation. 

The "full" version of AutoCAD has more than 2,000 Autodesk Approved partners worldwide who develop custom applications.  These applications vary by industry or discipline, and extend AutoCAD for production drafting and design.  Autodesk develop several industry-specific applications like; AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD ElectricalAutoCAD P&ID, AutoCAD MEP. 

These versions of AutoCAD integrate with Autodesk Data Management tools.   Substantial draughting savings can be made using this type of customisation.  Studies show that AutoCAD Electrical reduces electrical schematic drafting times by 80% over standard AutoCAD or LT.

AutoCAD LT will handle most basic 2D drafting needs and is significantly cheaper than the full version, but your future "expandability" options may be limited with LT.  Contact us if you are unsure which product is right for you.  We have no interest in overselling - we would rather you came back asking for an upgrade at a later date because we gave you good advice in the first place!

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What is AutoCAD LT?