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Project: 55 Corinthian Drive  

Designed By: Ignite Architects 

Located in Orchard Park, Albany Gateway, 55 Corinthian Drive features four levels of offices, dining and retail space, and a five-level car park. The complex was designed by Ignite Architects, with construction completed in November 2020.


Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit software were used for the design of the building and Autodesk Dynamo Studio for features such as the characteristic sculptural fins that spiral around the car park building.

Design software:


Autodesk Revit


Autodesk AutoCAD

Dynamo Studio

Autodesk Dynamo Studio

“55 Corinthian Drive achieves a high standard of amenity for occupants and creates a distinctive built form in a highly visible location”

Scott Inverarity, Associate Director – Ignite 


The design demonstrates significant consideration of sustainable practice and the building is rated Green Star Level 5. Features such as passive ventilation, use of natural light, sustainable building materials, electric vehicle charging, rainwater harvesting, and efficient water and electricity consumption all contribute to the building’s impressive Green Star rating.


The building’s exterior aesthetic demonstrates dynamism in the spiraling fins of the parking ramp and its textural palette, shown in details like the perforated metal sheets on the car park exterior. Subtle use of colour and simplicity of building materials enhance the building’s status as a landmark in the surrounding landscape.



All photos courtesy of Dennis Rademacher – Lightforge photography. 

About Ignite Architects 

Ignite is a full-service design practice specialising in master planning, architecture, and interior design. Ignite has operated for more than thirty years and employs an impressive 140 creative minds across six studios in New Zealand and Australia. Their expertise lies in the ability to work cross-sector on high performing and commercially viable design solutions while maintaining understanding for all stakeholders. As Principal Grant Armstrong explains, “A humanistic approach is critical. The best designs create solutions that respond to people, and to which people respond.”



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