Customer Success Stories
Call for submissions

We’re looking for our customers’ best projects created using Autodesk software for our latest AEC & Manufacturing showcase. Your stories will be shared at CADPRO Systems industry events and featured on CADPRO Systems’ website.

Submit your best work!

The Customer Success Stories will include equal representation from all industries including building design, infrastructure, construction and manufacturing. We would like to feature your use of cutting edge technologies including generative design, augmented and virtual reality, simulation, IoT, and the use of sustainable design.

How to participate:

  1. Select your project with details & descriptions to submit. Gather your imagery files (for imagery and video format tips, see our guidelines)
  2. Ensure you have the proper copyright permissions and complete the Customer Success Assets Consent and Release Form (see section below)
  3. Upload your project imagery/video files via Dropbox: upload files here.
  4. Complete your consent form below.

For any questions, please email

Consent and Release Form – Customer Story Assets

This form grants CADPRO Systems the right to use the submitted assets and materials for marketing purposes. You will receive full image credits, every time your work is featured (please make sure you complete a “credit line” for content/image submitted). Read and complete the required fields, and submit the form.

Read the Consent and Release Details - Customer Story Assets

  • Customer (as identified below) hereby irrevocably grants to CADPRO Systems New Zealand Ltd (collectively, “CADPRO“), its affiliates and licensees, the right to use Customer’s story and/or related imagery, videos, slides, or other items, including Customer’s name, logos, quotations, and product descriptions and uses, and/or the names and likenesses of Customer employees, which may be specified more fully below (collectively, the “Projects“). The Projects may be used in connection with any or all of CADPRO’s internal or external advertising, marketing, packaging, promotional, or sales materials (collectively, “ Materials“) and on the terms described herein (collectively, the “Rights“). The Rights include but are not limited to the rights to advertise, promote, publicize, reproduce, perform, display, distribute, transmit, exhibit, make derivative works of, and otherwise use the Projects, or any part or derivative thereof, alone or as part of the Materials, at no charge, perpetually, worldwide, and in all media and by all means (now known or hereafter devised), without limitation, including, print publications, the internet, video or audio broadcasts, and slideshows. CADPRO may reformat, resize, crop, silhouette, colour correct, juxtapose, edit, or make other minor changes to the Projects, but otherwise will not make substantial changes to the Projects without Customer’s consent.


  • This Form does not give CADPRO ownership of any intellectual property rights in the Projects. CADPRO will display the credit line indicated below (if specified) in connection with its uses of the Projects, wherever practicable. Customer agrees that Customer’s exclusive remedy (if any) for any failure to credit Customer or for any other claim arising out of exercise of any Rights shall be limited to an action at law for damages; Customer shall not be entitled to any injunction or other equitable remedy. Customer hereby irrevocably waives all moral, publicity, and other rights whatsoever, and releases and hold harmless CADPRO and its officers, directors, employees, and agents from all claims of any nature, known or unknown, arising out of the exercise of any Rights. Customer understands that Customer will not receive additional compensation in exchange for the Rights and that Autodesk may or may not exercise any Rights, in its sole discretion.


  • Customer represents and warrants that: (a) the individual submit below has the full right and authority to sign for Customer; (b) Customer has the full right and authority, including all publicity and intellectual property rights, neede to grant the Rights, and no third party’s consent is required; (c) exercise of the Rights will not infringe upon, violate, or conflict with any legal or contractual rights of any third party; and (d) all statements in the Projects are true and not misleading and have not been provided for compensation. This Form shall be governed by New Zealand law, without regard to conflict-of-laws principles. This Form constitutes the entire agreement with respect to its subject matter and may be modified only by written agreement signed by Customer and CADPRO. This Form binds Customer and Customer’s heirs, executors, successors, and assigns. If Customer is a resident of New Zealand, Customer confirms that it is Customer’s wish that this Form, as well as other documents relating hereto, have been and shall be written in the English language only.
  • Please submit details (if required) for each individual file submitted referencing the image file names.