Building Information Modelling (BIM) delivers benefits throughout the building project lifecycle. Make better design decisions, build more efficiently, and manage and maintain building portfolios more effectively.


BIM technology supports architects throughout the lifecycle of design. Explore how BIM for architecture helps you:

  • Take your design from concept to reality with improved quality and efficiency
  • Gain a competitive edge to grow your business
  • Realize your creative vision with innovative technology solutions that enable impactful design

BIM 101

This introductory video goes over the basics of Building Information Modeling, or BIM. Learn what BIM is and how it can help your architecture firm.

Enhancing Profitability With BIM

BIM does more than merely offer 3D models. After all, profitability is tied to a margin, and BIM can help keep building costs from cutting into your margin. Detecting problems early on, increasing collaboration, and enhancing coordination are all ways BIM can save you money. Watch the video now to see how BIM can impact your bottom line.

Working Better Together: Improved Collaboration With BIM

Building projects often require multiple disciplines to work together. That’s just one reason why so many architectural firms rely on BIM. After all, better collaboration helps teams address clashes in the design phase and facilitate good communication before conflicts can arise. Watch the video to find out how.


Using BIM enables structural engineers, detailers, and fabricators to improve multidiscipline coordination of structural design documentation, minimize errors, and streamline collaboration between teams. Integrated structural design software tools support the project delivery process from structural design and engineering to detailing, fabrication, and installation.

  • Streamline structural fabrication with BIM workflows
  • BIM improves collaboration across project delivery—from structural engineering to installation
  • Reach optimal structural designs efficiently with BIM

Steelway Building Systems streamlines building processes

This leading building systems company now uses a single BIM structure model to perform work that used to require thousands of drawing.

BIM to Fabrication: Rutherford + Chekene

CEO David Bleiman tells how his structural and geotechnical engineering firm uses BIM workflows to streamline structural design to fabrication.

IKERD Consulting enhances precision with BIM

This Texas-based firm explains how BIM helps bring teams together and helps in the communication between teams.

Mechanical Engineering & Plumbing (MEP)

BIM enables MEP engineers, designers, and contractors to work more effectively and win new business. Explore how BIM for MEP helps you to:

  • Reduce risk and waste by connecting MEP workflows
  • Improve collaboration and communication across project teams
  • Streamline project delivery throughout MEP system design, detailing, fabrication, and installation

Hatch Mott MacDonald helps teams adopt BIM for MEP

This firm responds to client demand by helping them adopt BIM and learn to use tools and models to create optimized MEP designs.

Glumac gains competitive edge by creating renderings quickly in BIM

Glumac creates stunning renderings quickly that clearly communicate the complex MEP design for the Wilshire Grand Tower in Los Angeles, impressing their client.

Dunham Associates gains competitive edge with BIM for MEP

The mechanical and electrical consulting firm uses BIM to design, analyze, and document complex building systems and win projects.

BIM for building owners and managers

BIM for owners delivers demonstrable value from design, through construction, and into operations. Bring predictability into the design and construction process, reduce building lifecycle costs, and better manage building portfolios.

  • Achieve higher quality building designs
  • Seamlessly transition projects from construction to operations
  • Use BIM data to better maintain and manage building operations


MaineGeneral saves big on massive expansion using BIM

MaineGeneralMedical Center reduces operations costs, improves patient care and process efficiencies using BIM in the expansion of its health care facility.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital leads with BIM

Learn how the hospital is benefiting from using BIM from design to lifecycle management of their healthcare facilities.

Future of Making Things for Buildings

Watch an animated demonstration showing how BIM is a technology that is delivering on the Future of Making Things.