Additive manufacturing innovation

How to create competitive advantage with additive

Adding value with additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is the industrial version of 3D printing that utilises a large and growing range of manufacturing materials from polymers to metals. It is turning traditional manufacturing economics upside down and has moved beyond cost-effective prototyping to supplement traditional manufacturing techniques, providing significant transformation potential.

Additive manufacturing advantages include:

  • Design freedom with generative design
  • Fabrication of low volume and/or complex products
  • Supply chain compression through part consolidation
  • Localised manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is continuing to improve, and as the range of printable industrial materials expands the benefits to business will continue to increase.

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Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM)

ADAM is an end-to-end process that starts with metal powder, captures it in a plastic binder (which makes it safe to handle), and then forms it into the part shape one layer at a time. After printing you sinter the part in a furnace, burning off the binder and solidifying the powder into the final fully-dense metal part.

Printing the Form

The part creation process builds on our existing carbon fiber reinforced extrusion technology – where micro strands of carbon fiber are bound in plastic. In the case of ADAM printing, 60% metal powder is substituted in place of the carbon fiber. The Markforged Metal X is the first step down the print-farm path – an industrial quality ADAM machine built on Markforged’s 4th generation printing platform. This printer will solve the hard problems – machine reliability, surface finish, final-part dimensional accuracy, and repeatability. Its designed from the ground up to reliably shape beautiful metal parts.

Do you want to innovate with additive manufacturing in your business?

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