CAM Software for CNC Machining

Take control with Next Generation Integrated CAM

When it comes to Integrated CAM, Autodesk is committed to delivering solutions to the broadest range of users, from designers and engineers to veteran CNC programmers, regardless of their CAD tool of choice.

Integrated CAM for SOLIDWORKS, Inventor and Fusion 360

Define machining geometry and parameters by selecting entities directly from the 3D digital prototype, enables HSMWorks, Inventor CAM and Fusion 360 to maintain full associativity between the 3D model and machining operations. Any changes to the model are automatically reflected in the toolpath. Late design changes no longer mean missing delivery deadlines or introducing last-minute programming errors.

HSM EXPRESS – FREE – 2D / 2.5D Milling

2D machining can range from very simple to fairly complex prismatic parts. Autodesk’s FREE HSM Express includes all the tools you need for precise control over all aspects of 2D machining.


Easily machine 2D and 2.5D contours. Control lead-in and lead-out with or without tool compensation. Choose multiple roughing and finishing passes and multiple depth cuts for any contour. Machine open and closed contours without creating additional geometry and eliminate sharp motion with corner smoothing.

  • 2D Adaptive clearing
  • 2D Contour
  • Drilling/Tapping/ Boring
  • Thread Milling
  • 2D Pocketing
HSM Express - Free 2D/2.5 Milling

2D Adaptive Clearing

The free version of HSM for Solidworks and Inventor also comes with 2D Adaptive Clearing. This revolutionary toolpath has provided a competitive advantage for machine shops all around the world since 2011, when the original HSMXpress was released for free to the Solidworks machining community.

Best-in-class 3D Strategies

Autodesk’s Integrated CAM kernel strives to generate the shortest and smoothest toolpaths possible, resulting in reduced machining time, improved surface quality, less tool wear, and extended machine tool life. In addition to the traditional pocket clearing strategy, it features the innovative Adaptive Clearing toolpath that reduces roughing time by a factor of 4 or more compared to time by a factor of 4 or more compared to conventional roughing, and increases tool life by as much as a factor of 10 depending on material hardness.

When it comes to finishing toolpaths there are many machining strategies available to suit your parts’ topology. Providing superior finish machining technologies that incorporate smooth/tangent lead in/out moves to keep the tool moving in a smooth motion, reducing machine wear and tool marks.

  • 3D Adaptive Clearing
  • 3D Pocket
  • 3D Contour
  • Parallel
  • Pencil
  • Spiral
  • Radial
  • Horizontal
  • Scallop/Constant Stepover
3D Milling

3+1 Machining

For shops with 4th axis rotary tables, HSMWorks, Inventor HSM & Fusion 360 Ultimate provide simple tool orientation controls to align your 4th axis to the geometry you need to machine. In addition 4th axis substitution/wrapping toolpath options are available.

3+2 Machining

All 2D and 3D strategies support 3+2 machining (5-axis positioning) by rotating the part or the head of the machine tool through a combination of A, B, or C axis motions. Create 3+2 operations by simply selecting a model or work feature for the operation to define the tool axis orientation. Autodesk’s HSM CAM kernel takes care of the rest by finding the most efficient rotations to orient the part. Once positioned, all machining strategies are available. Tools and holders are gouge protected for all strategies that normally support this feature.

Positional Multi-axis

Traditional Turning

HSMWorks, Inventor HSM and Fusion 360 Basic features all the traditional turning toolpaths, including facing, roughing, grooving, threading, drilling and profiling. For drilling and hole making, choose between pre-programmed machining cycles and canned cycles, or use a combination of both.

  • Facing
  • Roughing
  • Profiling
  • Grooving
  • Drilling
  • Parting
  • Threading
Turning and Mill/Turn


HSMWorks, Inventor HSM & Fusion 360 Ultimate all support programming twin-turret and twin-spindle lathes across all of the turning operations. Mill/Turn operations are supported when combined with the familiar 2D or 3D milling toolpath strategies. Reducing your learning overhead and speeding up programming time

Simultaneous Multi-Axis

HSMWorks, Inventor HSM & Fusion 360 Ultimate offer a number of multi-axis strategies that provide the programmer with a productive solution for easily creating efficient multi-axis toolpaths with advanced collision control for complex 3D models.

  • Swarf
  • Flow (HSMWorks)
  • Multi-Axis Contour
  • Multi-Axis Tilting
  • 4th-axis locking (HSMWorks)
Simultaneous Multi-axis

3D Toolpath Tilting
Many parts contain deep cavity areas and small radii that need to be machined with small diameter tools. These areas can be machined effectively by automatically tilting the tool and holder away from the workpiece, allowing the use of shorter tools to reduce vibration and deflection.

Powerful CNC Editor

HSMWorks & Inventor HSM both include a full-featured CNC program editor including NC functions, Math Ops, side-by- side file compare, CNC templates, and serial communications for transferring your CNC programs to RS232 based CNC controls.

  • Fanuc
  • Heidenhain
  • Haas
  • Hurco
  • Mazak
  • MillPlus
  • Okuma
  • Siemens
  • Yasnak
  • … and more

Post Processing

No CAM system is complete without a professional post processor system to convert the generated toolpaths into machine specific CNC code for today’s most common CNC controls. The Autodesk HSM Post Processor system is based on the JavaScript programming language, capable of producing tens of thousands of lines of code a second. Autodesk HSM comes with a set of standard post processors for the most popular CNC machines & controllers.

Request a quote

CADPRO Systems Post Processor development and adjustment service give you a readily accessible method of requesting posts online.

You can submit the request form and provide all the information requested, to allow our engineering experts to accurately assess the time and costs involved in developing or adjusting your post.

Which CAM software is right for you?

Choose from a range of Autodesk CAM software, covering support for 2.5, 3, 4 & 5 axis milling, turning and mill/turn machines. Desktop or Cloud synced options are available for both PC and Mac.

Integrated CAM for Inventor & Solidworks

Inventor HSM and HSMWorks provide an integrated CAM programming solution for Inventor and SOLIDWORKS to connect your designs to manufacturing.

Learn more about Autodesk HSM >

Cloud Connected CAM Fusion 360

Fusion 360 integrates CAM with mechanical design, simulation and collaboration tools in a single cloud-based platform that works on both Mac and PC.


Learn more about Fusion 360 >

View the Autodesk HSM & Fusion 360 CAM Feature Comparison Chart

Autodesk HSM vs Fusion 360 CAM Feature Comparison


Product Design Industry CollectionProduct Design & Manufacturing Collection Fusion 360Fusion 360
 Fully functioning 30-day trial (inc posting NC code)              
 2.5 axis (inc 2D Adaptive Clearing)              
 3D 3-axis (inc 3D Adaptive Clearing)              
 Positional Multi-Axis              
 2D 4-axis Wrapping (substitution)              
 3D 4-axis Wrapping (substitution)       (HSMWorks only)
 Simultaneous 4-axis       (HSMWorks only)
 Simultaneous 5-axis              
 Simultaneous 5-axis Flow toolpath (true 4 & 5-axis surfacing)
 Basic Water Jet/Plasma/Laser
 Stock & Toolpath simulation
 Machine Configuration
      (HSMWorks only)
 Machine simulation (no mill/turn or lathe)
      (HSMWorks only)
 Free Generic Posts
 NC Code Editor & DNC (based on Cimco Edit)
 Cloud enabled tool library & templates
 Offline Storage
 Single User / Multi User Licensing Models
 Service Pack / Update Control


 (both professional grade CAD modellers)
 Drawings          Basic, but continually developing
 Support for design configurations & iLogic        
 Design Accelerators and Predefined Content Libraries        
 Fully Integrated into Autodesk Inventor & Solidworks  Native to HSMWorks / AnyCAD in Inventor
 3rd party CAD file support (associative)               In preview
 Extensive 3rd party CAD file support (non-associative)               
 History based Direct Editing Tools        
 Local Data Management (ERP/MRP Integration)  PDMWorks / Autodesk Vault
 Cloud based Data Management       (Automatic)
 Offline use               (with cached & recent files)
 Internet Connection Required  Only for licensing checks / not required for Multi User Licensing       (VDSL or Fibre preferred)
 Real-time collaboration/review tools               

CAM Support and Training

CADPRO Systems provides HSMWorks, Inventor CAM & Fusion 360 users support and training of Computer Aided Manufacturing technology.

Our technical support team provides you rapid access to experienced and highly skilled Autodesk® certified support staff.  We are widely recognised as providing the best, most professional after-sales support.  Support is provided via telephone, email and web-based remote desktop software, this enables remote interrogation and troubleshooting of your software, ensuring a speedy resolution of the most difficult or advanced problems or questions. On-site support is available at an additional charge.

CADPRO Systems have Autodesk® Authorised Training and Certification centres in Auckland and Christchurch. We have been operating since 1992 and are 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

CADPRO Technical Services

By adding CADPRO Technical Services to your CAM software, you get full software maintenance and the best CAM support available in Australia and New Zealand.

This is a premium priority support offering for your Autodesk® design software.

Remote services included with contract:

  • Installation & licensing*
  • Software configuration
  • Customisation
  • On-demand support
  • Casual subject matter training
  • Expires after 2 years
  • Standard business hours NZT
  • Service usage reporting
  • On-site costs are excluded.

*Included free of charge (except Autodesk Vault) with subscriptions through CADPRO Systems.

CADPRO Training for HSMWork, Inventor HSM & Fusion 360

To get the best start or to refresh your technical skills with Autodesk HSM CAD/CAM software, use CADPRO Systems Educators. With years of industry experience our educators will get you on your way at your speed. Autodesk HSM CAD/CAM training can be provided remotely in short sessions Or concentrated into a couple of days on-site** at your facility. Contact us for a tailored training quote.