Digital Prototyping leads to more innovative designs

With Autodesk’s Digital Prototyping tools, industrial machinery manufacturers can quickly develop innovative designs. Because the tools also give a more complete understanding of risk, total cost, and maintenance requirements, you can proceed with confidence. You can also respond quickly to customer requests while showing your ability to deliver superior results with sales/design automation.

An Autodesk Digital Prototyping approach can help you:

  • Improve collaboration and innovation earlier in the design process
  • Drastically reduce your product design and development lifecycle
  • Gain more control over your design data
  • Be more competitive in a complex global environment

Contact us today and let us show you how Autodesk’s Digital Prototyping solutions are supported in all Autodesk manufacturing software right from the start, with open standards, scalable deployment, and cost-effective purchasing options.

We’ve always actually been a big believer in reinvesting in our company, and in technology. We did it with the software for the overall company, the Enterprise Resource Planning system that we have in place, for engineering with the AutoCAD and 3D Inventor that we now have in place. It’s allowed us to build bigger, faster, higher output machines and they’ve helped us to keep on the cutting edge and build the best machines in the world right now.”
– Rich Mueller, Executive Vice President/Partner, Osgood Industries Inc.

Industry Solutions

Deliver quality products faster with an optimized process

Streamline your entire product development process with the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, which lets you explore your ideas before they’re even built. Gather design data from all phases of the process into a single digital model. Validate it against product requirements. Reference it as you build deliverables for release.

Regardless of your role or industry, you can explore, communicate, refine, and implement ideas in ways that streamline every step, from start to finish.

Products Design & Modeling

Parametric modeling and so much more
Build large assemblies and model complex parts with freeform, direct, and parametric modeling tools in Inventor® and Inventor® Professional 3D CAD software.


Save time on designs with automation tools
Eliminate routine modeling tasks with the design automation tools in Inventor® mechanical design and 3D CAD software.

CAD collaboration

Put your CAD data to work for you
Work with non-native CAD data from any CAD application. Collaborate with suppliers and vendors, and share designs with customers who use BIM.