We believe that to solve the Future of Making Things, manufacturers require a connected, agile and flexible innovation platform.

An example of this platform is Autodesk’s cloud based Product Innovation Platform named Fusion:

  • Fusion unites all of the various design disciplines, from industrial design, mechanical engineering, manufacturing to product lifecycle management on one technology platform.
  • Fusion includes CAM capabilities for 3-axis milling and turning.
  • IoT technologies like SeeControl that enable us to bring this all together.

It is much more than a traditional CAD/CAM/CAE package. It is a technology platform that can empower manufacturers with competitive separation in the market with next generation technology such as;

  • Generative design. The ability to use cloud computing to provide optimum solution.
  • Industrial additive which enables us to print in metals.
  • The ability to control the manufacturing process through technologies like IoT that enable true Industry 4.0.
  • The ability to communicate to various stakeholders with product lifecyle technology and more under a single platform.

Product Innovation Platform brings value proposition to manufacturers such as:

  • Improving product performance
  • Winning more business
  • Increase innovation
  • Improve manufacturing quality
  • Differentiate from manufacturer’s competition

Agile product development will allow the ecosystem to connect, evolve and transform to stay competitive.

What is the Product Innovation Platform (PIP)?

New and increasing challenges facing manufacturers necessitates adoption of a next generation approach to design, engineering, and manufacturing for product development supported by a next generation software platform. We call this the Product Innovation Platform, or PIP

According to IDC Manufacturing Insights, “the Product Innovation Platform’s (PIP) time has come and anticipated that with it new product launch success rates will improve, speed to market and service response rates will increase, and customer satisfaction rates will improve”. Download IDC Manufacturing Insights Report


We’d like to understand your perspective about the changing dynamics in the industry and how we can partner with you during these exciting times!

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