A New Era of Product Innovation

The world of manufacturing is changing rapidly, with products being designed, made, and used in new ways. Autodesk offers solutions that include the latest manufacturing technology trends.


We are at the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution, which is about connectivity of devices and machines. The Internet of Things (IoT) is here, products and manufacturing techniques will drive the future of how products are being manufactured, marketed, used, maintained and retirement.

Manufacturers traditionally focused on 3 methods:

  • Productivity
  • Innovation
  • Processes

These methods, whilst effective, do not often lead to a long-term differentiation in the market place. It is easy for small, medium sized manufacturing company’s competitors to learn and employ the same techniques.

But the status quo is being disrupted by industry forces and new technologies.

  • How things are designed and produced are changing.
  • What customers about and their demands are growing.
  • The products we make have to become more intelligent.

The Future Of Making Things

Future of Making things

Typical manufacturing company’s traditional product lifecycle process is linear in nature.  The problem with that, is it paints manufacturers into a corner with a fixed product value. 

We believe they need to change that linear waterfall process to create opportunity:

  • Ability to personalize their products.
  • In design, it is all about collaboration.
  • In production, it is about flexible forms of production. Industrial additive and configurable factories.
  • In sales, it’s about moving towards the consumer experience.
  • And that’s where connected services brings huge opportunities because manufacturers can move beyond the boundary of a fixed product value.

It is our belief that moving from the linear, waterfall product development process to a truly agile development process will bring enormous value.

And that is what we call the Future of Making things! Watch video – The Future of Making Things Begins Now

To solve the Future of Making Things, manufacturers require a connected, agile and flexible innovation platform.

An example of this platform is Autodesk’s cloud-based Product Innovation Platform named Fusion.

We’d like to understand your perspective about the changing dynamics in the industry and how we can partner with you during these exciting times!

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Autodesk HSM

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