Moldflow Adviser Ultimate

Designers, engineers and analysts use Moldflow® plastic injection moulding simulation software to improve plastic part designs, injection mould designs and manufacturing processes.

Multi-User: Supports a specific maximum number of users on computers connected to a network. Licenses are issued via Autodesk Network License Manager (ADLM) software utility to each user who starts an Autodesk product, up to the number of licenses purchased. Usually returns to ADLM when a user closes all Autodesk products, which makes the license available to other users. The ADLM can be configured to allow a user to borrow a license and disconnect from the network until a specified return date—a borrowed license is only returned to ADLM on or before the return date.  This licence model requires no Internet connectivity.

1 Year


1 Year Termed Named User Subscription
– Latest version and access to enhancements and extensions/plugins
– Local installation & licensing support from CADPRO Systems’ product experts
– Home use license, previous versions and selected cloud services


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