Navisworks Manage

Track, manage and better anticipate potential problems with clash detection and coordination tools that enable you to minimise project delays and communicate action steps to the project team more easily.

Single–user: This is a Named User subscription. Contract administrators grant access to the subscription for single-user products and associated services by assigning a named user to a subscription using the Primary Admins' Autodesk Account. Each named user is an individual with a unique Autodesk ID. The number of named users you can assign per subscription is determined by the total number of subscriptions purchased for that product. This subscription requires Internet connectivity at install time and then once every 30 days for validation.

3 Year - Best Value


3 Year Termed Named User Subscription pricing is 5% lower than the multiplied yearly pricing
– Latest Version and access to Enhancements and Extensions/Plugins
– Local Installation & Licensing Support from CADPRO Systems’ product experts
– Home Use License, Previous Versions and selected Cloud Services

1 Year


1 Year Termed Named User Subscription
– Latest version and access to enhancements and extensions/plugins
– Local installation & licensing to support from CADPRO Systems’ product experts
– Home use license, previous versions and selected cloud services


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