system requirements

Simplify and automate daily tasks.

Increase productivity with shared information from applications your teams use most

Integrate software applications with ease.

Use Connect’s no-code platform to cut down on engineering resources.

Make integrations work for you.

Tailor integrations to fit your exact needs and easily update them as your business scales.


Bring data across the project into one system for accurate and easy tracking.

Project Management

Ensures the project stays on track, improves collaboration, and reduces miscommunication, error, and rework

Cost Management

Track all costs in one place and resolve irregularities earlier. Reduce back-and-forth and keep projects on budget.

Project Closeout

Connect data from across the project in one system. Ensure all loose ends are tied up across teams and systems.


Bring data from across the project into once centralized platform. Improve data quality and connect teams.

Unlock the potential of a connected platform.

Connect teams, data, and workflow across every phase of a building’s lifecycle with Autodesk Construction Cloud.

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