Autodesk Netfabb Overview

Autodesk® Netfabb® additive manufacturing software helps you quickly get from a 3D model to successfully printed parts.

End-to-end workflow
Designed for production environments, Netfabb provides efficient build preparation capabilities alongside tools for optimising designs for additive manufacturing and simulating metal additive processes, to help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve part performance.

Facing these challenges?

  • Converting and importing models from many different CAD applications.
  • Difficulties creating models that capitalise on the design freedom offered by additive manufacturing.
  • Excessive time spent repairing and prepping data to avoid print errors.
  • Modifying models to make them suitable for additive manufacturing.
  • Print failures that put projects behind and reduce profitability.
  • Delays in quoting jobs and producing build reports.
  • Maximising the number of parts you can fit in each build.
  • Different software required to prepare builds for each machine.
  • Modifying mesh files in your CAD program.


3D printing software from design to manufacture

Netfabb® software includes efficient build preparation capabilities alongside tools for optimizing designs for additive manufacturing, simulating metal additive processes, and planning for CNC post-processing.

Build preparation

  • Import, analyse, and repair models – Import models from a variety of CAD formats and use repair tools to quickly correct errors. View video
  • Modify models for production Make your models production ready by adjusting wall thicknesses, smoothing rough areas, and more. View video
  • Configurable build supports Identify areas that require support and use semi-automated tools to generate support structures. View video
  • Mesh to CAD conversion Convert organic, free-form mesh files to boundary representation models and make them available in CAD in STEP, SAT or IGES format.
  • Automatic packing Use 2D and 3D packing algorithms to optimally place parts within the build volume.
  • Report generation Create custom reports that include critical information for manufacturing and quoting.
  • Advanced toolpaths Develop build strategies and define toolpath parameters for maximum surface quality, part density, and speed.

Design optimisation for additive manufacturing

  • Internal lattice structures – Create lightweight parts with performance characteristics specific to your application.
  • Topology optimisation Generate forms that are optimised for stiffness and weight, based on the loads and constraints of the part.
  • Integrated performance analysis Test how your optimised designs will perform using built-in Autodesk Nastran simulation.
  • Optimisation engine – Automatically verify and optimise lattice and skin elements to meet load requirements and reduce weight.
  • Selective space structures (3S) – Fill solid volumes with standard or custom structures to create unique material properties for your part.

Machine integration

  • Integrated print engines –Select from the most popular additive manufacturing machines to configure the Netfabb workspace to your process.
  • Solutions for machine manufacturers – Netfabb works with a range of OEMs to create integrated printing experiences configured for specific machines.

Autodesk Licensing Explained

Autodesk licenses are designed to make using our products easier, no matter what project you’re working on. Whether you’re in school, a small design team or a multi-national corporation; choosing the right license is an important step in getting the most out of our products. Take advantage of our free trial licenses, so you can see first-hand how our products can help you imagine, design and create a better world.Learn more about all Autodesk licensing options below or if you need help with a license you’ve already purchased, contact us at +64 9 302 4028.


Autodesk Licensing Options

  • Single User: For individuals or small to medium businesses requiring a specific number of users
  • Multi User: For medium to large organizations requiring many users
  • Students & educators: Prepare the next generation of architects, engineers and digital artists


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Rapidly convert 3D models to successfully printed parts

Netfabb® is connected software for additive manufacturing, design, and simulation. Streamlined workflows and reduced build errors help you get your products to market faster.

Streamline your workflows to produce better outcomes

  • Work with customised supports, mesh repair, and improved workflows, to optimise your production process.
  • Get more from your part build, no matter what machine is used.
  • Shorten production times and reduce manufacturing costs.

Gain competitive advantages through connected processes

  • Create innovative, high-performance products that are beyond traditional design tools, materials, and manufacturing processes.
  • Connect Netfabb with Fusion 360, Netfabb Simulation, and more.
  • Explore a wider range of design options with generative design. Quickly generate high-performing design alternatives optimised for additive manufacturing.

Which Netfabb product is right for you?

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Quickly prepare models for additive manufacturing and 3D printing.


Optimize designs using latticing tools, build supports, and automatic part packing.


Identify and minimise build failures using limited local simulation capabilities, draft custom toolpath strategies, and automate common print preparation tasks.


Simulate metal powder bed fusion and directed energy deposition additive processes. See features

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