Revit Overview

Autodesk Revit software is built for Building Information Modeling (BIM), helping professionals design, build, and maintain higher-quality, more energy-efficient buildings. Using the information-rich models created with Autodesk Revit software, architects, engineers, and construction firms can collaborate to make more-informed decisions earlier in the design process to deliver projects more efficiently. Any design changes made in Revit models are automatically updated throughout the model, keeping designs and documentation coordinated and more reliable. Autodesk Revit includes features for architectural design, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, structural engineering, and construction, providing a comprehensive solution for the entire building project team.

Revit Features

Design and manage Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects more efficiently and collaboratively with tools created for the workflows of architects, MEP engineers, structural engineers, and construction professionals.

Tools in Revit BIM software help you to:

  • Deliver higher-quality, more accurate model-based architectural designs and building systems. Make better decisions earlier in the design process by more accurately visualizing and analyzing structures, before they are built.
  • Facilitate more streamlined collaboration using information-rich models that help you make informed decisions earlier in the design process.
  • Work with a single intelligent 3D model to help improve coordination and collaboration across the project team, wherever they are located.
  • Minimize coordination mistakes and rework with fully parametric change management capabilities.
  • Improve how you communicate the look, feel, and intent of a design. Documentation tools help you stay coordinated and consistent no matter how many times the design changes.
  • Help reduce costly design conflicts during construction and minimize design coordination errors by conducting interference detection during design development.
  • Use intelligent 3D models and more accurate documentation to support building systems design throughout the building lifecycle.
Revit 2018

Value: Balanced price and performance

Operating System ¹ Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 64-bit:
Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home PremiumMicrosoft Windows 8.1 64-bit:
Enterprise, Pro, or Windows 8.1Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit:
Enterprise, or Pro
CPU Type

Multi-Core Intel Xeon, or i-Series processor or AMD equivalent with SSE2 technology. Highest affordable CPU speed rating recommended.

Autodesk Revit software products will use multiple cores for many tasks, using up to 16 cores for near-photorealistic rendering operations.

Memory 8 GB RAM

  • Usually sufficient for a typical editing session for a single model up to approximately 300 MB on disk. This estimate is based on internal testing and customer reports. Individual models will vary in their use of computer resources and performance characteristics.
  • Models created in previous versions of Revit software products may require more available memory for the one-time upgrade process.
Video Display 1680 x 1050 with true color
Video Adapter DirectX 11 capable graphics card with Shader Model 5.
Disk Space 5 GB free disk space
Media Download or installation from DVD9 or USB key
Pointing Device MS-Mouse or 3Dconnexion compliant device
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (or later)
Connectivity Internet connection for license registration and prerequisite component download

Autodesk Licensing Explained

Autodesk licenses are designed to make using our products easier, no matter what project you’re working on. Whether you’re in school, a small design team or a multi-national corporation; choosing the right license is an important step in getting the most out of our products. Take advantage of our free trial licenses, so you can see first-hand how our products can help you imagine, design and create a better world.Learn more about all Autodesk licensing options below or if you need help with a license you’ve already purchased, contact us at +64 9 302 4028.


Autodesk Licensing Options

  • Single User: For individuals or small to medium businesses requiring a specific number of users
  • Multi User: For medium to large organizations requiring many users
  • Students & educators: Prepare the next generation of architects, engineers and digital artists


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Revit Training

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whats included

FREE Revit productivity tools when you subscribe

CPS Revit Tools


CADPRO Systems want to make sure your workflows are even faster by offering you free productivity tools (valued at $275+GST) when you subscribe to a minimum one year Autodesk Revit software.

FREE Revit productivity tools when you subscribe

CPS Revit Tools


CADPRO Systems want to make sure your workflows are even faster by offering you free productivity tools (valued at $275+GST) when you subscribe to a minimum one year Autodesk Revit software.

Dynamo graphical programming interface

Enhance and extend model behavior without having to know how to program. Dynamo provides a visual programming environment that is accessible to designers, letting you visually create logic that drives the geometry and behavior of Revit elements and data.

Global parameters

Help embed design intent in a model by using project-wide parameters to drive dimension and element instance parameters with the new Global Parameters feature. Measure dimensions and calculate formulas to drive dimensions and parameter values in other elements in the project.

Combine parameters

Document projects with greater accuracy by combining parameters in a schedule to display the values in a single cell. Specify a prefix, suffix, sample value, and separator to display with each parameter.