BIM 360 Docs – Now offering as Autodesk Docs

BIM 360 Docs is a building and construction document management solution and is part of Autodesk BIM 360, Autodesk’s project delivery and construction management platform. The platform supports informed decision-making across the project lifecycle by centralising all project data in a single data repository and connecting project stakeholders and workflows – from design to construction to operations, from the field to the office and back. Customers can start and maintain multiple projects in BIM 360 Docs, which offers features including:
  • 2D & 3D viewer
  • online and offline web, phone and tablet access
  • markups
  • control of permissions based on company, role, user, file or folder
  • issue management
  • version control and rollback
  • unlimited cloud storage

Experience the power of a common data platform


BIM 360 Docs Features

Get started connecting your entire project team and all your information in one place.


Single Project Repository

  • Unlimited storage
  • Support for all file types
  • Project activity log
Document control

  • Project and folder level access rights
  • Define access by role, company, user
  • Assign five permission levels

  • List and thumbnail views
  • Version control and rollback
  • Single viewer for 2D and 3D files


Document modification 

  • Create, view, assign and track project issues and RFIs
  • 2D & 3D markups with thumbnail views, notifications and open/close workflows
  • Assign custom attributes and properties

  • Extract document sets from design files
  • OCR title block data for automated naming
  • Separate multi-page PDF files



  • Online and offline access on Web, phone & tablet
  • PDF and model viewer, optimized for Apple iOS
  • Navigate between documents without closing viewer



System Requirements

Using different apps for blueprint viewing, PDF markups, issue management, and file sharing leaves teams out of sync. Get everything in one place – and accessible on the Web, tablets and phones – to always stay current and connected.

Autodesk Licensing Explained

Autodesk licenses are designed to make using our products easier, no matter what project you’re working on. Whether you’re in school, a small design team or a multi-national corporation; choosing the right license is an important step in getting the most out of our products. Take advantage of our free trial licenses, so you can see first-hand how our products can help you imagine, design and create a better world.Learn more about all Autodesk licensing options below or if you need help with a license you’ve already purchased, contact us at +64 9 302 4028.


Autodesk Licensing Options

  • Single User: For individuals or small to medium businesses requiring a specific number of users
  • Multi User: For medium to large organizations requiring many users
  • Students & educators: Prepare the next generation of architects, engineers and digital artists


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whats included

Less time fighting with files. More time building.

When project teams have the right information at the right time, work happens faster. BIM 360 Docs lets you publish, manage, review and approve all drawings, documents and models — anytime, anywhere.

Always on time

Always on time

Get information published faster and organized logically with bulk upload, set creation, and automatic separation of sheets from design files.

Always accurate

Always accurate

Organize construction drawings and documents into sets and quickly review changes between versions – in 2D or 3D.

Always in control

Always in control

Maintain document control with five permission levels keeps the right information in the right hands throughout the project.

One app. Period

When project teams have the right information at the right time, work happens faster. BIM 360 Docs lets you publish, manage, review and approve all construction documents, drawings and models — anytime, anywhere.

Link 2D & 3D

Link 2D & 3D

View and work with drawings in 2D, or open the 3D model and see plans in context — all from one screen.

Collaborative markups

Collaborative markups

Create and share 2D and 3D markups for collaborative constructability reviews.

Create & manage issues

Create & manage issues

Create and assign design-related issues or to be completed by trades or project team members.