BIM 360 Team Overview

BIM 360 Team is a cloud-based solution, so it works right within a web browser or mobile device. Customers can store and access project data from anywhere or share files with anyone. With a single click, they can view 2D and 3D models and share them with colleagues and clients, who can review, mark up, and comment on projects without downloading software or installing plugins.

BIM 360 Team transforms the way design teams engage stakeholders and deliver projects by enabling them to: Centralized access to all project data for the entire team.

  • Centralized access to all project data for the entire team.
  • Communicate and make decisions faster and more efficiently
  • Share and review models instantly, from any device
  • Find the most up-to-date versions of documents and files easily

And they can do all of the above in one place — accessible via web and mobile. That’s why every customer design project should start with BIM 360 Team.


See how easy it is to collaborate from anywhere with your team.


BIM 360 Team Features

BIM 360 Plan supports lean construction practices with cloud and mobile software to help build more reliable work plans, and to help reduce waste associated with overproduction, excess inventory and task rework.


Design Data Management

  • 500 GB cloud storage per user file
  • Unlimited projects
  • Project Activity Feed
  • File Management
  • File Versioning
  • Search within design files

Design File Viewing

  • Over 65 3D and 2D file formats supported
  • In-browser file viewing. No downloads or plugins required
  • Model Control – Measure, Section, Explode
  • Mobile Access

Collaboration Tools

  • Fine-grained sharing controls
  • Private and public sharing
  • Design markup tools
  • Design commenting
  • Real-time design review
  • Calendar

User Administration

  • User role assignment – Editor, Admin, View-only
  • Custom domains

Autodesk Licensing Explained

Autodesk licenses are designed to make using our products easier, no matter what project you’re working on. Whether you’re in school, a small design team or a multi-national corporation; choosing the right license is an important step in getting the most out of our products. Take advantage of our free trial licenses, so you can see first-hand how our products can help you imagine, design and create a better world.Learn more about all Autodesk licensing options below or if you need help with a license you’ve already purchased, contact us at +64 9 302 4028.


Autodesk Licensing Options

  • Single User: For individuals or small to medium businesses requiring a specific number of users
  • Multi User: For medium to large organizations requiring many users
  • Students & educators: Prepare the next generation of architects, engineers and digital artists


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Review In Real-time

Multi-user, live review sessions, with built-in browser sharing facilitates more informed decision making, faster buy-in from clients, stakeholders, and design partners.

Track The Design Process

Version history ensures access to the latest information, historical design iterations, and eliminates the risk of project files getting lost or overwritten.

Access Anywhere

All team members can access critical project information from anywhere—within a web browser or mobile device.

How can BIM 360 Team benefit design teams?

BIM 360 Team is a cloud-based solution that enables AEC project teams to view, share, find, review, and mark up all of their project data in one place, in real time, and from any device.

Centralize Project Information

BIM 360 Team provides one online workspace for all project team members. It is a project-centric solution that helps distributed teams stay connected and organized at all times. Users can search, filter, and find project information across complex models, folder archive, and project activity feeds.

The ability to quickly access the latest version of designs and other critical project files, and to communicate, collaborate, and keep track of feedback from all stakeholders in real time, reduces the potential for miscommunication and confusion and helps keep projects on schedule.

BIM 360 Team version control and history ensure that every design discipline has access to the latest information. Version controls also allow for design iterations, tracking, and management. Designers can try out a design change, get client feedback and easily revert to an earlier version if necessary. This helps make design iterations and client approvals a breeze.

Extending model access to all team members

BIM 360 Team gives viewing access to anyone – not just CAD users. The technology of BIM 360 Team brings detailed visualizations of 2D and 3D models for over 100 file types right in a browser, on any device – desktop or mobile. Through BIM 360 Team, there is no need to download software, install a plugin, or be a CAD expert to access project files.

Project stakeholders (Principals, PMs, QA/QC, and clients) can pan, zoom, and section models to isolate components and details in high resolution. They can also view and edit files such as documents, presentations, and spreadsheets within BIM 360 Team. The solution supports more than 100 file formats, including 65+ design file formats from Autodesk and from other products such as Rhino, and SketchUp.


Accelerate decision making

BIM 360 Team enables real-time, efficient collaboration among all project stakeholders. Team members can easily share files and solicit or provide feedback with comment and markup tools. BIM 360 Team lets users pinpoint a specific view (whether it be a cross-section or a small detail or a component of a model), provide a markup or comment on that view, and save that feedback for the extended project team to access. All of this can be done via web browser or mobile device.

These capabilities in BIM 360 Team help to support more informed team decision making, and can lead to faster buy-in from clients, contractors, or design partners.

Keep project data secure

With BIM 360 Team, everything related to a project – files, models, comments, documentation, and more – is securely stored, shared, and viewed in the cloud. Advanced file control and permission capabilities let users control who can view or download and type of project file.

BIM 360 Team secures all project and design data to the latest industry standards and certifications. Security and control measures include user sign-up and invitation controls; data encryption; password protection; automated security monitoring and reporting of cloud operational states; and 24/7 incident management and response.

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