Fusion 360 for Product Design

The Fusion 360 for Product Design package is a solution not only for designers and engineers but for anyone designing products.

Fusion 360 for Product Design

Focus more time on the function and aesthetics of your product as you apply specialised tools that increase modeling efficiency and editing capabilities. This offering is built for companies who want to increase innovation, reduce development costs, and get to manufacturing faster.

Fusion 360 for Product Design package includes industry-leading Fusion 360 along with the:

  • Fusion 360 Product Design Extension to model the most complex of designs
  • Fusion 360 Simulation Extension to perform advanced simulation studies
  • Fusion 360 Manage Extension to keep track of your data across departments and geographies.

Fusion 360 Product Design Extension

Quickly automate the creation of complex features with the advanced product design tools in the Fusion 360 Product Design Extension.

Fusion 360 Simulation Extension

Gain insight into product performance and manufacturability to minimize design related delays with the Simulation Extension in Fusion 360.

Fusion 360 Manage Extension

Enable engineering workflow such as change orders, release management, automated item numbering, and bill of materials management.

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Fusion 360Fusion 360 for Product Design
Package includes:

  • Fusion 360 
  • Fusion 360 – Product Design Extension
  • Fusion 360 – Manage Extension
  • Fusion 360 – Simulation Extension

What are the benefits of these packages?

  • Having a comprehensive single package allows for easier transactions and deployment.
  • These packages will bring an instant professional workflow to the user.
  • Customers will benefit from a built-in discount when compared to purchasing items a-la-carte.