Autodesk Industry collections provide the most essential software needed by industry professionals at a great price.

You can now access to a wide collection of the most essential Autodesk software and services in one package— all in a single collection that will evolve and get better over time.

Autodesk offers 3 Industry Collections:

Great Value

Wide range of the most essential software and services providing value that well exceeds the premium suites at a very competitive price point.

More Flexibility and Choice

Offering both single-user and multi-user access and multiple term lengths to fit your business needs.


One collection per industry with a wide range of the technology you need vs multiple tiers of suites helps simplify decision process.

Why Industry Collections?

Autodesk Industry Collections will provide a superior experience to that of the Design & Creation Suites:

  • Greater Value – Industry collections provide value that well exceeds the premium suites at a very competitive price point.
  • Continuous Improvement – Industry collections are designed to provide instant access to new applications and cloud services to meet changing business needs with improved workflows. In addition, the Autodesk desktop app will notify you when updates to any industry collection product is available, and you will have control over which updates are rolled out to whom and when.
  • More Cloud Services – You will have access to more cloud services than are currently available in the Design and Creation Suites, giving you more opportunity to leverage the computing power of the cloud. In addition, when you subscribe to a collection with multi-user access, you will be able to grant shared access to cloud services whereas with suites, you’re limited to a single named user per cloud service.
  • Greater Flexibility and Choice – Subscriptions to industry collections will be available with single-user and multi-user access and the choice of different term lengths, giving you greater flexibility to choose the option that fits your business needs. Today, subscriptions to the Design and Creation suites are available for single-user access only.
  • Simplified Packaging – We’ve made it easier for you to determine which offering is right for you.  Instead of evaluating a multitude of Suites and then having to select standard, premium, or ultimate tiers – all of your most essential software tools are in a single collection.

What does this mean for Design and Creation Suites?

Autodesk now no longer sell Suites (this includes new subscriptions and perpetual licenses).

Suite customers on a maintenance plan

Customers with perpetual licenses to Suites on a maintenance plan will be able to access their benefits for as long as they renew their maintenance plan.

Suite subscribers

Customers who subscribe to Design & Creation Suites can easily switch to an industry collection subscription from 7th October 2016**, prorated to align to an existing contract’s end date. Subscription customers also have the option to continue to renew their Suites and individual products.

**Switching to an Industry Collection

If you have purchased:

  • Annual, 2-year or 3-year subscription to Suites or individual products
    You can switch to an industry collection as from 7th October 2016
  • Quarterly or monthly subscription to Suites or individual products
    You can subscribe to industry collections after your current term expires
  • Perpetual license with maintenance plan
    You can renew your existing maintenance plan or subscribe to new industry collections, but not switch to industry collections
  • Perpetual license without a maintenance plan
    You can continue to use what you have, or subscribe to an industrya collection