Keep up with dynamic drawing sets

Dynamic document tools in Revu® make it easy to manage and share the most current drawing set with project partners, in the office and in the field.

The right tools for the job

Batch Slip Sheet (Extreme Only)

Keep entire file sets up to date by automatically matching new revisions with their corresponding current sheets.

Batch Link® (Extreme Only)

Automatically create an unlimited number of hyperlinks using file names, page labels or page regions.

Compare Documents

Automatically highlight and identify the differences between two drawing revisions with easy-to-see clouds.


View up-to-date documents stored in different network locations as a single document in a single tab.


Automatically organise Sets by drawing revision, sheet type, discipline and more, and generate a drawing log.


Automatically generate bookmarks and page labels by defining a region on a page, such as a title block or sheet number.

OCR (Extreme Only)

Turn scanned drawings into text-searchable and selectable PDF files, and capture intricate CAD details, like room numbers, coordinates and callouts.

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