Software for Interior Design and Production

CAD+T supplying complete software solutions for the interior design and manufacturing business, focusing on bespoke furniture.

From design and visualisation up to production with direct connection to CNC machinery and a complete ERP system, from quotations up to time management CAD+T software covers all the needs of the industry.

The software consists of 60+ applications based on Autodesk® AutoCAD® and Autodesk® Inventor® for lot size 1 as well as serial production.

CAD+T Products



Fast and easy 3D design


The CAD+T planning module based on Autodesk® AutoCAD® is particularly suitable for doing the first design of interior fittings including walls, windows and doors as well as wall openings as fast as possible.

Schedule with materials from the leading hardware suppliers and ensure from the beginning that you receive the best possible preparation of your project data right. Choose between a variety of different core materials and coverings. Whether room-/kitchen designer, cabinetmakers or joiners, everyone will benefit from it. With the design software from CAD+T, you can achieve your project individually and simply by exporting the already created data to the CAD+T Planning Module and receive the best possible data transfer.

  • AutoCAD® as a powerful basic system
  • Easy placement of walls, windows and doors
  • Cabinet configurator for 3D presentation of furniture


Fully parametric design


The CAD+T Planning Module Professional based on Autodesk® Inventor® enables high-quality design due to parametric dependencies and rules.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, finished architectural components and parametric models can be planned and special designs modelled. Use the 3d design software and benefit from the advanced program functions. The Planning Module Professional from CAD+T takes your work to the next level!

  • Inventor® as based system
  • Plan parametric models
  • Latest technology



Take the step into the world of photorealism


CAD+T Visualize Classic renderer is the ideal entry into the world of photorealistic visualization. The direct connection to the CAD program makes it possible to import drawings fast and to verify them with numerous effects and objects. You decide either it is rainy or sunny!

  • Directly connected to the CAD software
  • High-end visualization
  • Real-time update


Visualise like a professional


CAD+T Visualize Professional renderer enables the best possible presentation of your projects on site. The direct connection to the CAD program makes it possible to import drawings quickly and optimise them with numerous effects as well as several thousand of materials and decorations.

  • Directly connected to CAD software
  • Professional visualization
  • Export to VR glasses



Configurator for the furniture industry


The CAD+T Configurator Classic is an IDM based product configurator that covers the need of the furniture business. The direct CAD interface allows the data export in AutoCAD®. The compatibility with common ERP systems as SAP, MS Dynamic also offers the import of commercial data.

  • Powerful configurator for the furniture business
  • Configuration of articles, properties and categories
  • Compatibility with ERP system


Advanced software architecture


The CAD+T Configurator Professional is a web / cloud-based solution with advanced software architecture – generating data that will be taken into the CAD+T Construction Engineer Module based on AutoCAD® or Inventor®.

  • Powerful software architecture
  • CAD/CAM data export
  • Price and part lists included



The ideal CAD program for individual and fast construction


The CAD+T Engineer Classic is a CAD software based on Autodesk® AutoCAD® offers the ideal basis to realize your project. It perfectly fits into the CAD+T product family of complete software solutions for the furniture industry to achieve continuous dataflow. Work with existing data and import data from the CAD+T Planning Module Classic into the Engineer Module. The 4 windows technique of CAD+T Engineer allows to draw in 2D in three different views (ground view, front view, side view) to make the handling of even more complex projects easier. The system generates by itself fully automatic 3D data in the 4th window.

  • AutoCAD® as a strong basic system
  • Work with 2D data and get 3D data generated from the system
  • Direct generation of CNC data and part list


Fully parametric CAD engineer software based on Autodesk Inventor®


CAD+T Engineer Professional is a high-end interior design CAD software that allows obtaining 3D-parametric construction data based on Autodesk Inventor® including the generation of part lists, BOM and CNC data. An essential property is a philosophy to think in construction parts and assembly’s that can be exchanged, modified and re-ruled at any moment of the project, get full access to you master data at any time. Parameters of only one part can influence the whole construction part and group. This solution is appreciated especially for very complex projects due to the possibilities to modify parameters without the need of working on the basic drawing itself. No matter if joiners, cabinetmakers, shopfitters, booth builder or others – this module takes care of core materials, edges and coatings and covers the requirements of the furniture production for the future.

  • Inventor® as a powerful basic system
  • Rules and parameters by your definition
  • Think in construction parts and assembly’s


CAM Interface 

CNC file export within seconds


The CAD+T CAM interface is a sophisticated solution for 3 to 5 axis CNC machines. Automatic generation of CNC programs out of the AutoCAD® or Inventor® based CAD+T Construction Engineer Module, CNC data for panel materials, considering and taking care of geometry and material properties of the construction parts. This CAM software delivers an intelligent work-on logic for materials, tools and production workflows and that way enables to improve efficiency.

  • User friendly
  • Flexible and customizable
  • All machining done on CNC


Nesting software with automatic edited CNC program


Efficient nesting starts with the software, ends with properly produced construction parts and enables a faster and more efficient way to handle the process. This kind of production process is highly appreciated for all kind of panel materials, for example, MDF, laminates, particleboard as well as solid wood.

  • Automatic generation of CNC programs
  • Automatic toolpath processing
  • Matching and repetition of orders

5 Axis

For complex 3D operations and 5 axis milling


The 3 + 2 and 5 Axis HSM is a CAM software which is based on Autodesk Inventor® Professional combined with a powerful CAD environment with extensive 3D design tools. The advanced technology not only provides fast and efficient milling program calculations, it is as well a very simple and easy-to-learn interface. The pre-simulation allows checking potential collisions that could cause damages and additional costs. Additional to what is already explained the calculation of the duration of complex CNC procedures is given.

  • Solve complex 3D CNC programs and 5 axis CNC interpolating
  • Analysis based on 3D solids or single areas
  • Automatic takeover of 3D solids



Up to date operations control


The ideal ERP solution for companies of small and medium-size today is the Operations CAD+T Control Classic. The portfolio of the CAD+T modules ranges from commercial order management, purchasing of materials (like panels, edges, hardware) up to time management.
This solution is the basis to increase the value chain for small and medium-sized companies.

  • Automatic determined material requirements
  • Takeover of part lists from CAD
  • Interface to CNC programs


The professional ERP software solution for your success


The professional CAD+T Operations Control ERP solution is the first choice when it is about having an overview of your workflows. Planning and organising your processes with the benefit from 12 modules. From the Commercial Order Management up to Purchase Management (e.g. panels, edges, hardware), from the Time Management up to Capability Planning and Order Tracking – this solution covers needs and offers the best tool to increase your value chain. Suitable particularly for medium-sized and big companies.

  • Professional document management
  • Takeover of data from CAD
  • Complex calculations


Online Shop

Quick and easy furniture configuration


Extend your sales channels with your new webshop and offer your clients the option to have more than a physical store – let them configurate and order their desired furniture online. With only a few clicks the data for joiner, cabinetmaker, shopfitter and exhibition booth builder are automatically ready for detailed construction drawing, parts list and CNC.

  • Direct interface to CAD+T Construction Engineering Module
  • Integration of your ERP system for purchasing
  • Interface from CAD+T Online Shop to your own homepage