3D CAD reinvented
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3D CAD reinvented
Available for:   

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System Requirements

Fusion 360 System Requirements
Operating system

  • Apple Mac® OS® X Mavericks (10.9) or later production versions
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1 or Microsoft® Windows® 8 and 8.1 and 10


  • 64-bit processor (32-bit not supported)


  • 4GB RAM (8GB more realistic, 16 GB recommended)

Disk space

  • 3GB

Graphics Card

  • 512MB GDDR RAM or more, except Intel GMA X3100 cards

Pointing device

  • Microsoft-compliant mouse, Apple Mouse, Magic Mouse, MacBook Pro trackpad


  • ADSL internet connection or faster

Space Mouse
3dconnexion Spacemouse on Windows and Mac OS X. Latest drivers required.

If you would like any changes to the generic Vertigo post processor, you can get a quote by clicking on the below button or giving us a call.

If you are a CADPRO Technical Support for CAM customer, it’s likely that any changes you require can be implemented via a support request.

Training Course Description

3D courses cover each workspace to a reasonable degree. This course is designed to give any 3D CAD user a solid kick start into designing and engineering with Autodesk Fusion 360 Fundamentals.

Primary areas of focus for this course is, the user interface, user preferences, data management, 2D sketching, solid modelling, 3D Sketching & surfacing, freeform modelling, assembly creation, animation, drawing and rendering. Some basic introductory training for Simulation & CAM programming will be delivered if time permits. 1:1 training is available for Simulation, and dedicated 2 day courses are available for the CAM workspace.

Quick Start Videos

Activating your Hobbyist License

This video covers the process of how Hobbyists and some Startups can access their entitlement to FREE use of Autodesk Fusion 360.

Getting around Fusion 360

This video is a quick tour of the Fusion 360 User Interface. The aim is to focus on the basic areas you might need to get comfortable enough to find your away around the product by yourself afterwards.

Sketching & Modelling Basics

This video series introduces the basics of Fusion 360 modelling and making. Using a Fidget Spinner as a functional example of component based design, bringing different materials and manufacturing methods together.