CadMouse Product Line


The Mouse for CAD Professionals

A full size wired mouse with a high precision laser sensor with 8.200 dpi and CAD specific features for a comfortable and efficient workflow.

CadMouse Wireless

CadMouse Compact Wireless

The Wireless Mouse for CAD Professionals

The compact wireless mouse with a high precision, energy saving optical sensor with 7.200 dpi and a battery life up to 2 months.

CadMouse Pro Wireless

The Precision Ergonomic Mouse for CAD Professionals

The full-size mouse designed specifically for the modern CAD professional.

*Now available for Left Handed users.

SpaceMouse® Product Line

SpaceMouse Enterprise

SpaceMouse® Enterprise

Built for top engineering Performance

Perfect for you if: you are a CAD poweruser and look for state of the art technologies which make your work more efficient, comfortable and fast.

SpaceMouse® Pro

The Standard for Engineering

Perfect for you if:  you work multiple hours a day in 3D applications and look for an ergonomic and efficient workflow.

SpaceMouse Pro Wireless

SpaceMouse® Pro Wireless

The Standard for Engineering

Perfect for you if:  you work multiple hours a day in 3D applications and look for an ergonomic and efficient workflow and prefer a wireless, mobile device.

SpaceMouse Wireless

SpaceMouse® Wireless

Advanced 3D Navigation Anywhere

Perfect for you if: you review or present your 3D design in the meeting room or at the partner office and look for professional navigation in CAD applications anywhere.

SpaceMouse Compact

SpaceMouse® Compact

Designed for Advanced 3D Navigation

Perfect for you if:
you review 3D design details or explore 3D environments and look for intuitive, precise and effortless navigation.

What is a SpaceMouse?

3Dconnexion’s family of SpaceMouse products provide a comfortable and natural way to interact with digital content in the world’s most popular CAD and creative applications making it easier to focus on your design rather than your software.

3Dconnexion’s award-winning 3D navigation devices unlock the power of 3D applications.  Whether you are flying through three-dimensional worlds or manipulating 3D objects, you will experience an addictive level of control.

SpaceMouse® Kits

SpaceMouse® Enterprise Kit 2

The ultimate CAD solution 

With SpaceMouse Enterprise, CadMouse Pro Wireless with CadMouse Pad and an USB hub, it offers engineering professionals all tools for an ergonomic and most efficient two-handed workflow.


SpaceMouse® Wireless Kit

The mobile CAD solution 

The wireless engineering solution which meets the demands of mobile workers for a durable, flexible working equipment.

Keyboard Pro with Numpad

Keyboard Pro with Numpad

Designed for CAD Professionals, Creatives and Makers 

The 3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro with detached numpad is engineered to help you create digital 3D models and professional designs.

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