Why A Workstation?

When it comes to personal computing systems, desktop workstations are in a class of their own. Despite entry price points that can rival those of desktop PCs, workstations provide a spectrum of performance, reliability and expandability that extends well beyond the capabilities of standard business computers.

While business PCs can provide you with excellent value,
Desktop workstations deliver superb performance, outstanding reliability, and wide-ranging scalability.

HP Z Workstations are designed for the demands of users who work with professional and technical applications, large and complex datasets, or intricate 3D models.

HP Z Workstations help you spend less time waiting and more time creating with industry-leading processing, graphics, and innovative technologies.

Ultimately, our intense focus on reliability gives you greater peace of mind when running professional applications on an HP Z Workstation. You know that you have a system that is designed, tested, and proven for the work you do.

HP Z Workstations offer a range of configurable features so that you can quickly and easily grow your workstation at your own pace.

Why HP Z Workstations?

HP Z Workstations have been on the market for over 30 years. Designed from the inside out to fulfill the needs of our customers, HP Z Workstations deliver high performance and reliability with the latest innovation and industry-leading technologies.

HP Z2 Mini Desktop Workstation

HP Z2 Mini Workstation

HP’s most powerful mini workstation.

Designed for graphics-intensive 2D design and 3D CAD.

HP Z2 Tower Workstation

HP’s most powerful entry workstation.

Perfect for BIM and 3D modeling.

HP Z4 Workstation

HP’s best selling performance workstation.

Built for advanced 3D CAD, BIM and Machine Learning.

HP Z6 Workstation

A future-proof powerhouse.

Perfect for VFX and 3D rendering.

HP Z8 Workstation

HP’s most powerful workstation.

Optimal for simulation, 8K video editing and complex Machine Learning.