Change the way you visualise

Create immersive virtual reality experiences from a 3D model in just one click.
Instantly bring in your own designs, then explore and present with our pre-built tools.
It’s that simple. Check it out today!

See your designs in virtual reality without remodelling

Inspace lets you instantly bring your 3D CAD models into virtual reality (VR). Now you can create a VR presentations without remodelling or learning new software.

Save yourself and your team an astronomical amount of time with intuitive, real-time desktop walkthroughs. Reduce revisions and last minute amendments with powerful VR client presentation and communication tools. Now you can win bigger projects with ease by having a visual edge and leave your clients with an experience they won’t forget.

Inspace is easy to get set up and requires no additional in-app modeling which means you will be running your first VR presentation in no time.

Watch the video to learn more.


Powerful tools that get it done.

Inspace doesn’t just bring your projects into VR. Their in-built tools let you interact and explore your model in virtual reality (VR) so that you can get all your work in one place.

Solar Analysis
Solar Analysis
Inspect Elements
Inspect Elements
Measure Tape
Measure Tape
Clay Mode
Clay Mode


Inspace gives you the instant ability to design and present your ideas in virtual reality.

Inspace Interior View 1

Stand Out And Win Bids

Stand out from the crowd. Add the next level of stakeholder engagement to your process and confidently land your next project.

Conduct Design Reviews

Streamlined and efficient internal design reviews mean less back and forth with feedback and revisions. Take out the guesswork and make sure the team are all on the same page with a virtual inspection.

Present An Experience

Spend less time rendering perspectives and explaining details of floor plans in a client presentation. Load up your project and take them through a guided tour so they can see the designs for themselves.


Coordinate, iterate and get quicker sign off during project management with in-built Inspace features.

Inspace Interior View 2

Coordination Made Easy

Use BIM metadata to inspect individual elements. Toggle, isolate and flag by object or layer type so you can quickly highlight areas for review.

Flexible Workflow

Designed for both desktop and VR, Inspace supports you throughout the design and build process no matter your team size.

Control your presentation

Sign off has never been easier with preset presentation views that let you control what the client sees in virtual reality.

Inspace VR

Control the way you present.
Set custom views so you can take your clients on a journey through the space.
The presentation mode in Inspace lets you to control the VR user so that your client meetings run smoothly.

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