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E2 Shop System Overview

The E2 Shop System enables shop owners to effectively control all aspects of shop activity while simultaneously and effectively managing profitability.

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Estimating & Quoting

Generate estimates that capture job specs and profitability from step one and create orders without delay.

Inventory & Purchasing

Tie together inventory and purchasing, taking the guesswork out of ordering.


A built-in Scheduling Whiteboard provides real time capabilities in seconds.

Data Collection

Keep an up to the minute picture of current activity and the entire job history.

Quality Control

Manages specific areas of engineering and supply-chain activities for the sole purpose of improving business performance.

Job Costing & Job Tracking

Control work centers and print the reports you need from job schedules to almost any summary you can think of.


Create Packing Slips and Bills of Lading with the click of a button. Deliver jobs on time, every time!

Complete Accounting

Ability to Integrate Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, and General Ledger for complete control.

Is E2 Shop Management Software right for my shop?

Shops of all sizes and types have turned to the E2 Shop System to take their business to the next level. Since every shop is unique, it is very important to Shoptech that your business is a good fit for their software. Click below to see just some of the shop types using the E2 Shop System.

Fabrication Shop Software

Manage your shop more efficiently with E2

Fabrication shops need to stay flexible, so your shop’s fabrication shop software solution needs to be able to accommodate changes. Some fab shops may build one of something over a two-week period, while other shops get into the high-production runs.

As with all job shops, customers are constantly changing due dates, quantities and everything in between. Some fab shops have simple bills of material while others get into multi-level complicated assemblies.

E2 manufacturing scheduling software has built-in sheet calculators to help you figure out how many parts you can get out of a sheet of material. For the one of a kind job that you’ll never see again, the E2 manufacturing inventory software estimating can help you look back at similar jobs to help you quote more accurately.

Software solution for fabrication shops large and small

  • Fabrication shopE2 manufacturing process software can also link the material to a specific routing step so you won’t order the material or make the component part until you need to. You can even do a “quickie quote” with manufacturing process software without all of the estimating detail. The “quickie quote” allows you to put in all of the detailed routing information and material after you get the job.
  • The E2 job shop software order entry handles all of your release schedules, split deliveries, complex assemblies, split jobs, changing due dates and much more.
  • Fabrication shop software allows you to see exactly what inventory you have on hand and create the job all in one step. It will even explode the BOM to create component jobs that need to be manufactured for the customer assembly.
  • The powerful, yet flexible scheduling whiteboard allows you to schedule the shop floor realistically. You can set your lasers up as finite, press brakes as infinite and welders based upon how many employees show up that day.
  • Purchase material directly for the job. No need to keep expensive raw material out on the floor until you’re ready to use it.
  • Ship the job out on time every time. E2 works with your UPS world ship so your customers can track their parts until they hit their dock! E2 prints all kinds of shipping labels, certificates of conformance and bills of lading to save you time.

Job Shop Software

Many Job Shops share the same fundamental problems.

  • How long is a production run and how easily can we switch to the next one while minimizing downtime?
  • Do we have the proper materials on hand?
  • Are we going to hit the due dates – not only for manufacture, but for shipping and delivery to the
  • Did we cost-out this unique one-of-a-kind job properly?
  • How quickly can I generate the job cost estimate and quote?
  • Have I collected real-time labor for accurate job costing?
  • Are we making money, or generating so much scrap that it is actually costing the company cash?
  • Did we send the bill?
  • When are we going to get paid?

Job Shop Manufacturing Software

The E2 Shop System is for everyone in your shop, from your machine operator to your accounting manager; from your shipping manager to your CEO. ERP brings horizontal integration, which simply means that all your departments talk to each other.

Job Shop ERP Software

ERP software integrates your entire operation. The left-hand knows precisely what the right hand is doing! The more automated the process, the less likely there is human error; the fewer manual entries that need to be done, the fewer occasions there are for problems to enter the system. Specifically, when the shop floor and the front office are sharing precise, accurate, and up-to-the-minute information it is a simple matter to answer customer inquiries; the employee knows when the order is complete because that information is right at their fingertips; they know what is coming up next so they can plan for an efficient switch-over with minimal downtime.

Does this customer have a good credit history with you so you can extend credit, or do you require pre-payment?

The Sales/Orders Module communicates directly with the Accounting Module which allows (for example) orders from ABC Company up to $30,000 in credit. They’ve ordered $12,000 already this month so a $5,000 order would be automatically approved, but a $20,000 order is flagged and will require a credit extension before the job shop ERP software will accept it. It can’t be over-ridden by a salesman looking for a commission; it now requires a specific approval, protecting your company from over-extending credit.

Job Shop Management Software

When an order comes into the job shop management software, the system immediate begins checking details:

  • Do you have sufficient raw material that is not designated for another project?
  • Do you have time available on a required machine?
  • Can you meet the delivery date?

The system designates material for a job from your inventory; if stock is inadequate it can alert you as the order is being entered. It can see the delivery schedule for raw materials and advise you when you’ll be able to run it or suggest an additional order of material based on your delivery schedule. In each case it creates a bill of materials (BOM) for the job. You know precisely what it is going to cost.

Manufacturing Scheduling

The E2 Shop System can schedule the job on one or more machines, based on need, and availability, or kick the job out of the queue and refuse it, based on impossible to achieve dates (flag it for a human, to be resolved with the powerful Whiteboard Scheduling Tool).

The job shop software knows your production schedule; it knows which machines are available and which employees can operate a given machine. It can even help you cost out a new job by comparing previous similar jobs with set-up time, scrap, speed of production, and other factors. It knows what portion of the job is complete because bar codes track the jobs. You know who is productive; employees log in and out at machines by tapping a screen. The days of time tickets and manual data entry are gone.

Assembly Shop Software

Integrated Software Solution for Job Shops

Some assembly shops create large one-of-a-kind structures while others are primarily involved in production runs and just-in-time delivery schedules. Regardless of your type of shop, all assembly shops face the same challenges including competitive bidding and managing tight profit margins.

E2 job shop software provides the tools to manage assembly shop challenges with a great estimating system that includes an integrated BOM and router that provides fast and accurate estimates. With easy navigation, it takes only one click to access:

  • Part Histories
  • Create Orders
  • Schedule
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Shipping Documents
  • Track lots/certs
  • Automate Shipping and Invoicing
  • All with no double entry

Another hot button for assembly shops is realistic scheduling. They need to be able to run all their jobs through the shop efficiently.

E2 is flexible enough that assembly shops are able to get their quotes out fast, schedule their jobs efficiently and track their costs effectively. At the end of the day they will see exactly which jobs and customers are the most profitable.

E2 is also a great fit for assembly shops when it comes to dealing with customer changing due dates and/or quantities. Since everything is integrated with E2, any change in the work order automatically updates material requirements and scheduling workload.

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