V-Ray for SketchUp


Easy to Use
Easy to learn, easy to use. V-Ray for SketchUp is designed to get you up and running in no time.

V-Ray lets you create the highest quality renders possible – directly in SketchUp.

V-Ray gives you the power to render anything and everything – from quick design models to your most detailed 3D scenes.

Render fast, design faster. V-Ray for SketchUp lets you spend more time being creative and less time waiting.

Creative Control
Focus on design, with a full suite of creative tools for lighting, shading and rendering.

The Industry Standard
V-Ray is seamlessly integrated into SketchUp, so your workflow is fluid and smooth.

An Industry Standard
92 of the top 100 architecture firms in the world render with V-Ray every day.


The #1 Professional Renderer for SketchUp

With a full suite of creative tools, V-Ray lets you render anything and everything – from quick design models to your most detailed 3D scenes.


Rendering Engines

  • V-Ray RT
    A revolutionary rendering engine providing instant feedback and streamlining scene setup. Because V-Ray RT is built upon the same robust core as V-Ray, it is seamless to transition between V-Ray RT and production rendering. For the everyday user, this is a very powerful interactive rendering solution that allows you to simultaneously work and render inside of SketchUp. The instant visual feedback makes for quicker design, material, and lighting decisions. V-Ray RT supports both CPU and GPU!
  • Retrace Threshold
    Reduce Light Cache artifacts and improve the appearance of glossy reflections and refractions when using this time saving feature – Use light cache for glossy rays.



  • Dome Light
    Create simple, artifact-free image-based lighting using the Dome Light. Its powerful importance sampling analyzes HDR images and optimizes light tracing and GI precision. This new feature will streamline your workflow when using image based lighting in your scenes. It will not only save you setup and rendering time but it will also increase the quality of the image based light and shadows.
  • Lights as Components
    V-Ray lights can now be part of a SketchUp component. This makes it easy to change the design and settings of multiple lights at one time.
  • Sphere Light
    Create spherically shaped area lights.



  • V-Ray Proxy
    An indispensable tool for managing scene memory and efficiently rendering massive amounts of geometry. V-Ray Proxy objects are dynamically loaded and unloaded at render-time, saving vital RAM resources. Use V-Ray Proxy to render millions of polygons at maximum memory efficiency and increase the amount of detail and complexity of your SketchUp scenes.
  • Faster Parsing Times
    Major speed improvements have been made when processing the SketchUp scene for rendering with V-Ray.


V-Ray Frame Buffer Improvements

  • Render History
    This option allows you to save your rendered images and load them directly in the V-Ray frame buffer.
  • Compare Tool
    New compare option to easily compare two rendered images directly in the V-Ray frame buffer.


V-Ray Lens Effect

  • Lens Effect
    Allows you to achieve bloom and glare effects in your renderings.



  • V-Ray Material
    A compact and optimized material that includes diffuse, reflection, and refraction parameters with the ability to change the BRDF.
  • Wrapper Material
    Can be used to specify additional properties per material. Most importantly, you can now create true matte materials which shows the background as opposed to the base material.
  • VRMats Library
    This new library contains over 100 ready to use photo realistic V-Ray materials.



  • Rendering Presets
    With our collection of interior and exterior rendering presets you can quickly switch between draft and high quality rendering settings. You can also create and save your own presets to customize and streamline your workflow.
  • Camera Presets
    With camera presets you can quickly switch between different exposure setups for illumination scenarios like cloudy sky, after sunset, interior natural light, etc. You can create and reuse your own custom camera presets.
  • Set Camera Focus
    You can now setup depth of field with ease by simply picking a point in the scene where you want to focus the V-Ray camera on.
  • Animation Support
    The ability to produce animation for SketchUp projects has been streamlined, ensuring a cleaner and easier creation process.
  • Lock RT
    The SketchUp scene can be edited without changing the view in RT.
  • 64-bit Rendering
    64-bit rendering is now supported locally and via distributed rendering.
  • Distributed Rendering
    Offload renders to other computers and continue working in SketchUp by using the option “Don’t use local machine.”
  • Normal Mapping
    Add more accurate simulation of detailed 3D surfaces in SketchUp.
  • Environment Mapping
    Matching your SketchUp model to a background image is now easier than ever before with the additional Screen, Cylindrical and Shrink Wrap environment mapping types.
  • Multi-Session Support
    OS X users now have the ability to set the current model that V-Ray will render.
  • Opacity Mapping
    The option “use color texture as transparency” is available for all SketchUp materials. This is important when using PNG or TIFF textures with built-in transparency channels.
  • Pack and Go
    Archive your SketchUp scene and all external files into a single ZIP for easy sharing and back up.
  • Procedural Texture Mapping
    We added more texture mapping to allow you create different effect on the materials. Now you have more freedom on the materials creation.

System Requirements


Please make sure that your system fulfills these requirements before installing V-Ray. Note that V-Ray is only supported for 64-bit operating systems and 64-bit versions of SketchUp.

  • Processor: Intel® Pentium ® IV or compatible processor with SSE3 support.
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM and 4 GB swap minimum – recommended 8 GB or more RAM, 8 GB or more swap file
  • TCP/IP: Only IPv4 is supported. IPv6 is currently not supported
  • Operating System: Windows® 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. (64-bit versions only)
  • SketchUp: Version 2015, 2016 or later (64-bit versions only)


Mac OS X

Please make sure that your system fulfills these requirements before installing V-Ray.

  • Processor: Intel ® Pentium ® IV or compatible processor with SSE3 support.
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM and 4 GB swap minimum – recommended 8 GB or more RAM, 8 GB or more swap file
  • TCP/IP: Only IPv4 is supported. IPv6 is currently not supported
  • Operating System: Apple® Mac OS X 10.9.x or higher
  • SketchUp: Version 2015, 2016 or later
whats included

What’s new

V-Ray for SketchUp — What’s new in 3.6

V-Ray 3.6 for SketchUp includes superfast GPU rendering, hybrid rendering, a simplified UI, viewport rendering, VRscans support and lots more!

smart UI

Smart UI

The entire V-Ray for SketchUp interface is now cleaner and simpler, with better support for 4K monitors.

v-ray colour picker

V-Ray Colour Picker

New color picker that’s simple and powerful. Select color values in Screen sRGB (0–255) or Rendering (0.0–1.0) color space.

Get it now

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