Augmented Reality for Construction

VisualLive brings the power of CAD/BIM out onto the job site. VisualLive is now part of Unity. 

How it works – Step by Step

With the developments in the augmented reality industry, the great challenge of how to get large content onto these amazing devices quickly took center stage. With VisualLive apps and integrated plugins, this process couldn’t be any easier. With a few simple clicks, you can take your large BIM models to HoloLens and mobile devices within a few minutes of the process. VisualLive cloud-based software quickly converts your files, keeping all geometries, textures, and materials, so that they are optimised while maintaining the critical information and data that you need in the field.

Upload your CAD or BIM models

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Augmented Reality Devices


Microsoft HoloLens®

Showcase of Mechanical Systems BIM Model

Utilising VisualLive mixed reality technology, mechanical contractors are now able to experience their design in the field virtually. Once the model is quickly and accurately loaded, users can freely walk through the design, checking openings and tolerances within the true space that these systems will occupy. Routing issues can be quickly identified and fixed before they can become a costly issue later in the project.

Showcase of Electrical Systems BIM Model

Through VisualLive mixed reality technology, end users can inspect cable trays virtually, to ensure that clearances are maintained. Electrical schematics and routing can be verified in the field, ensuring that connections are done correctly and accurately. Conduit run routing can quickly be checked to ensure that physical clashes are avoided and hangers can easily be installed in the proper location. Through the use of HoloLive, field issues can quickly be conveyed to the design group where issues can be identified and corrected, saving time and money.

Install Verification – QA/QC

1:1 True scale hologram projections enable quick field inspections, allowing the end-user to see and experience the BIM model like never before. While walking through the project, you can quickly identify discrepancies between the design and installed conditions. Future physical clashes can easily be identified and corrected, saving time and resources by addressing issues virtually before they result in costly rework and field modifications.

VisualLive Products

HoloLive AR For Construction

View, interact and collaborate BIM/CAD in mixed reality using Microsoft HoloLens and VisualLive app.

MobiLive™ Mixed Reality (AR) for iOS / Android

View, interact and collaborate BIM/CAD in AR using VisualLive app on iOS or Android

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