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What is Agile?

Agile refers to a particular methodology of software development, or project management, where projects grow via collaboration between self-organising, cross functional development teams, and the end-user or client. Developers work in small increments, often referred to as ‘sprints’, which allow them to test, fix bugs and deliver usable pieces of software throughout development.

This iterative, collaborative process relies on strict feedback cycles, pragmatic knowledge, and continual improvement. Agile design accommodates change, allowing teams to maintain a high level of adaptation and solve issues quickly.

Agile vs Waterfall Methodology

Agile represents a shift away from the traditional Waterfall development model, which has a sequential and linear focus, moving projects from one isolated silo, on to another and reducing opportunities for improvement during the design process.

In using Waterfall-type models, developers often work non-collaboratively and without user testing cycles, rather than breaking projects down into manageable ‘chunks’, developers gamble on pulling off a design at launch. In contrast to Waterfall, Agile allows developers to deliver fully functional, useable increments throughout a project.



Agile Outcomes

Unlike traditional forms of software engineering, Agile relies on collaboration with the end-user throughout the entire design process.

Along with Agile rituals, collaboration contributes several advantages to a project’s outcome. Risk is mitigated with user feedback in each sprint, and with less upfront planning, development teams can devote themselves to good architecture and overall quality.

Agile methodology has demonstrated speedier paths to market in comparison with the Waterfall method. As a project progresses, teams can address problems and uncertainty, rather than discovering issues with the client upon delivery. Ultimately, resulting in a more meaningful process for Agile development teams and faster and more valuable outcomes for clients and end-users.

Investing in Agility with CADPRO

More complexity. Different demands. New expectations. It’s a different world out there if you make building products. And the challenges can be immense. But you can overcome them. And when you do, you’ll see the benefits. Like smoother processes, higher sales, and stronger client relationships.

The first question you have to ask is: how do we get there? How do we become more agile?

One way is to partner with CADPRO, who are local and ready to help – we deal with AEC firms and manufacturing companies. We know both worlds because your clients are our customers too. 

CADPRO’s development team employ Agile methodologies for the software development and customisation we offer our clients. Here are some key elements for our Agile development process:

  • We nurture and maintain a culture of continuous improvement in our systems and processes.
  • We maintain visibility and transparency, to keep both internal and external stakeholders informed and involved.
  • Our scrum teams work in 2-week development sprints to deliver fully functional increments.
  • Our developers are constantly exploring new technologies, frameworks, and ideas, in-line with one of our core business principles; ‘We explore ideas’.

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