CADPRO Systems have New Zealand Building Industry Experience. We have a specialist focus on this sector.  We understand the transformation affecting the building industry and how to efficiently leverage technology for the greatest returns. We work with New Zealand industry participants to help them streamline the design, documentation and visualisation processes.


The following items highlight our core BIM capabilities and implementation services:

Autodesk Revit Software Installation and Configuration

CADPRO Systems have a team of IT specialists who will install and correctly configure software onto your machines, make sure the hardware is communicating correctly and establish links to important Autodesk Revit templates, libraries and other data on your system.

For projects that require collaboration between external consultants, Autodesk Revit Server can be deployed to coordinate discrete Autodesk Revit projects across a wide area network (WAN) into a single federated model.

Autodesk Revit Standards Implementation and Management

CADPRO Systems will establish your office Autodesk Revit Standards. We will help establish and manage your Autodesk Revit project templates to maximise the time saved when starting new projects. The implementation and management of Autodesk Revit Templates and Autodesk Revit Library management mean company standards can be met effortlessly, which means your staff can get on with modeling and detailing.

Autodesk Revit Library Management

CADPRO Systems have over the years developed a large range of Autodesk Revit content libraries. This is clear evidence of our commitment to contributing to the current body of knowledge, tools and resources available to designers. We can create parametric content and project material to support the different Level of Development (LOD) assets encountered with BIM project specifications.

BIM Management Plan Development

The purpose of a BIM Management Plan (BMP) is to provide a framework that will allow the architects, engineers and construction team to effectively implement building information modelling (BIM) technology on a project in a cost effective and productive manner. This document defines the roles and responsibilities of each person, the method and scope of the work to be shared and software available. This document can be used throughout the project lifecycle to facilitate an efficient and cost effective completion to the design process. CADPRO Systems have developed a BIM Management Plan template that can be aligned to meet accompanying project requirements and specific company documentation standards.

Risk Management

Adequate project planning and reviewing of project goals helps facilitate a successful project delivery. Engaging a CADPRO Systems technical consultant at the earliest stage of a project and throughout ensures internal task can be prioritised and goals defined. Mitigating risk can be effectively managed when focusing on the following areas:

  • Business Analysis
  • Process Assessment
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Technical Audits
  • Training Assessment
  • Health Checks

Autodesk Revit Health Check

The Autodesk Revit Health Check is a post implementation assessment aimed at checking how efficiently you are using Autodesk Revit software and making recommendations for improvement.

To conduct the Autodesk Revit Health Check, CADPRO Systems consultants review one of your completed projects of one or more files done by one or more disciplines and spend a minimum of five days interviewing teams and analyzing the project files. Then CADPRO Systems BIM Consultant will generate a report detailing the strengths and weaknesses in the implementation. The report covers topics such as pain points in the modeling process, model optimization, industry best practices and any inefficiencies in the design process. It can also help serve as a benchmark against other projects.


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