CADPRO Systems is focused on helping companies improve the complete product development process – from initial ideation through design to manufacturing and customer delivery.

We offer a comprehensive set of solutions for complete digital prototyping. These solutions go well beyond 2D and 3D design and extend into full product development. This gives professionals across departments the ability to explore, communicate, refine and implement new ideas into great products.

What is a Business Process Assessment (BPA)?

It is our structured methodology to identify specific gaps in current processes and systems; and use leading practices to make improvement. A key result is a viable roadmap to implement improvements that balances cost, benefits, and organisational change. The BPA is conducted by our team of experts, who start by defining the scope of the assessment, then use a four step approach to conduct it.

Step 1: Interview key stakeholders. This includes a series of discussions with management and working teams to understand the relevant business goals and initiatives as well as the process and
systems being used today.

Step 2: Identify pain points and broken processes. We analyse the current processes and systems for inefficiency and gaps.

Step 3: Establish improvement opportunities. Leverage Autodesk’s leading practices to establish customer specific improvement opportunities.

Step 4: Establish a viable roadmap, for improvement. We work with the customer team to organise these improvement projects into a viable roadmap considering the cost/benefits and organisational change needed.

We work with companies of various sizes and multiple industries to help make operational improvements. The knowledge we build through these engagements and other Autodesk research benefits our customers through improved product offerings and experience in understanding ‘leading practices’ for product development.

This experience and leading practices are shared with customers through the Business Process Assessment.

A BPA conducted in this way helps our customers:

  • Accelerate cross functional consensus building on the current challenges, needs and solutions.
  • Create specific plans to get more from the investment & tools they already have; and know what gaps are crucial to fill.
  • Leverage our leading practices from across industries, to improve operational performance
  • Pick the solutions that best fit their unique business and systems environment.
  • Right size the pace & scale of improvements; by gaining from Autodesk’s experience.
  • Establish a business case that incorporates their data as well as learning from other customers.

Through the business process assessment, senior management in a company has all the information they need to effectively make investment decisions on improvement programs. These improvements establish the operating capabilities needed to realise their complete potential to make great products.