Autodesk Vault Implementation

The Autodesk® Vault® product line represents Autodesk’s industry leading tools for comprehensive data management for design, engineering and production departments and beyond. CADPRO Systems has developed a series of standard “quick start” implementation assistance packages to help optimise this solution.


Dependent upon your company’s needs, CADPRO Systems has developed a series of standard ‘quick start’ implementation packages. All of these packages include:

  • Planning and installation
  • Review of current files and data
  • Best practice review
  • Administrator training
  • Assisting system administrators with configuring Vault and importing data

CADPRO Quick Start Packages

New Installation Quick Start

If your company is totally new to Autodesk Vault, we offer the following ‘quick start’ packages:

  • Autodesk Vault Basic – 2 Days
  • Autodesk Vault Workgroup – 5 Days
  • Autodesk Vault Professional – 7 Days

Your Next Steps

After completion of the above sessions, personnel within your organisation will be able to and will have the responsibility to:

  • Backup and maintain the Vault server
  • Train additional end users
  • Use Autodesk Vault to manage CAD drawings and other files
  • Finalise the system configuration and implementation
  • Clean up and import remaining files and data into Vault

Important notes:

  • The customer is responsible for backing up and verifying the backup of all files and data prior to the arrival of CADPRO Systems personnel. The same also applies to CADPRO Systems support services provided by phone, email and/or Internet. CADPRO Systems will not be responsible for any customer file or data loss.
  • If the customer desires a complete “turnkey” implementation, those services are available from CADPRO Systems as well and are quoted on a case-by-case basis.
  • The “quick start” packages do not include assistance with setting up Vault’s multi-site replication capabilities included with Vault Professional. If you need multi-site collaboration, CADPRO can provide you with a specific proposal.
  • The customer will also need to purchase standard Autodesk Vault training materials for at least each administrator participating in the training. CADPRO Systems can provide a quote on these training materials as well.

CADPRO Technical Support for Vault

CADPRO Systems offer premium support packages for all versions/levels if Vault.