CADPRO Technical Services (CTS)

CADPRO Technical Services is a prepaid, time-based service that can be purchased separately, or as an add on to any software product purchased through CADPRO.

Gain access to our highly experienced and skilled technical services team, who are Autodesk® certified support staff.

We are widely recognised as providing the best, most professional after-sales support. CADPRO Systems provides support via:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Web-based remote desktop software

This enables remote interrogation and troubleshooting of your software, ensuring a speedy resolution of the most difficult or advanced problems or questions.

This is a premium priority support offering for your Autodesk design software.

Remote services included with contract:

  • Installation support & licensing support*
  • Software configuration
  • Software implementation
  • Customisation
  • On-demand support
  • Casual subject matter training
  • Expires after 2 years
  • Standard business hours NZT

On-site costs are excluded.

*Included free of charge (except Autodesk Vault) when clients have their subscriptions through CADPRO.

CADPRO Technical Services can be purchased:

1 Hour


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4 Hours


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8 Hours


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40 Hours


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is CADPRO Technical Services (CTS)?

CTS is an exclusive CADPRO program that allows clients to access any CADPRO support or services (as noted above) on an ad hoc casual basisCTS is paid in advance, is time tracked and reduces as the time is used. 

Do I need to pre book?

No, however it is recommended otherwise you may need to wait until a technical specialist is next available.

Do I need to be an existing client in order to purchase CTS?

No. However, there are other benefits of having your Autodesk business with CADPRO. 

Do I still get licensing, installation and Autodesk account support from CADPRO?

Yes. When your Autodesk contracts are with CADPRO, CTS is not required.

Is there a discount if I buy more than 1-hour of CTS?

Yes. CADPRO offers 4 pre purchased time based options – currently 1, 4, 8 and 40 hours are available.

Do I get priority support?

All CADPRO clients get priority support if they are unable to use their software because of a licensing issue. CTS clients will get priority support over those that do not have CTS and are put in a CTS priority queue. In all cases we establish the urgency of a request and CADPRO reserves the right to bump clients up or down depending on that urgency.

How long is my CTS contract valid for?

Two years from the date it started. 

When my CTS time expires, at 2 years, will I be notified?


When my CTS time is used up will I be notified?

Yes. If you have used up your pre-purchased time, then the support person you’re dealing with will advise you and additional time can be purchased.

Does CTS align with existing Autodesk assets/contracts?

No. CTS is a separate time based/used offering which is not dependent on your Autodesk subscription contract. It is immediately available for you to access after purchase.

Will I receive a credit for unused CTS time?


Can I request how much CTS time I have remaining?

Yes. We can send a report.

How do I use CTS?

Phone during office hours, email or or request to schedule a web session with our technical team.

What are the response times for CTS?

During normal business hours, CADPRO will endeavor to respond within 4 hours of a support request being made, but it can take up to 24 hoursPriority will always be given to critical client issues. If you have prebooked a session with a CADPRO technical specialist, the session should proceed at the arranged time. 

How are my CTS hours tracked?

CADPRO use an automated ticketing system that logs tickets. The ticket is allocated to the appropriate technical specialist to respond. Once the service starts, the CTS time will also start and the total time used will be logged against your account.

Using CTS, can I get a technical specialist onsite?

Yes. For an additional charge.

Are travel costs included with CTS?

No. This program is phone, email & web-based support and services. 

Can I use CTS for software development?

Yes. However, most software development is not based on hours and therefore we do not recommend using CTS for any software development.

Can I use CTS for hardware or IT support?


Can I swap my CTS for product?

No. CTS is a services offering from CADPRO.  

Can I use CTS for training by phone?

YesPhone during office hours, email or or request to schedule a web session with our technical team.  

In case of training by phone or online, will CTS be used for preparation time?

Yes, when required. This would be discussed before the training commences.

Can I use CTS to pay for classroom training?

No. CTS cannot be offset against classroom training bookings.

Can any of my staff use the CTS contract?


Can I restrict the use of CTS to only certain staff members from my company?

No, this functionality is currently unavailable.

For existing CADPRO Technical Support customers:

Can I renew my existing CADPRO Technical Support? (now called CTS)

Yes. The older CADPRO Technical Support program is limited to product support only and renews with your Autodesk contract each year. This program excludes training, customisation, implementation and other services.

Can I replace my CADPRO Technical Support with CTS?

Yes. At renewal time. Please contact your account manager or our subscription coordinator.

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