Why is Software Asset Management (SAM) Important?

Software Asset Management (SAM) is important to any business that licenses software. SAM helps you to:

Reduce Risks

SAM best practices help you manage license compliance throughout your organisation. When you effectively track and document your software licenses, you lower the risk of non-compliance. You also create a better working environment for your employees and partners.

Save Money

SAM can reduce costs in several ways, helping you to:

  • Eliminate or reallocate underused software licenses
  • Limit overhead associated with managing and supporting software
  • Reduce the potential for unexpected software costs
  • Avoid paying damages for non-compliance

Stay Safe

An effective SAM program will reduce the downloading or purchasing of software from unauthorised sites that can infect computers with viruses.

Get Support

SAM ensures that you use only licensed software, which entitles you to support. Most companies do not offer technical support for unregistered software.

Improve Productivity

Access to user manuals, reference materials, and product support makes employees more productive.  When you institute SAM best practices, you manage these resources effectively.

Instil Confidence

SAM helps you stay compliant, which puts your business partners at ease. If you’re contracting or subcontracting on a project, your partner will expect you to follow the law. Stay informed and get the latest news on your software products from software vendors such as CADPRO and Autodesk when you’re a licensed registered user.

Meet Your Obligations

SAM helps you know and comply with the terms of your end-user license agreements and to meet your legal obligations.

Learn how SAM can help you run your business more effectively.

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